Your website offers pills at very low prices.  How is that possible? Is that legal?

We are able to offer you pills at low prices because we do not spare our expenditure on forming a huge sales team that can help us in promoting our business by means of banners, marketing, advertisements, and other means.  You need not worry about legal issues. Everything that we do is in the range of legal authorities.  

Is prescription mandatory to buy pills on your website?

Taking regard of certain situations, we make sure that no one is left from the benefits of online pharmacy and for that, we do not require prescription if anyone orders any medicine on our website.  But we advise you to have prior prescription and the consultation of a medical healthcare professional before you make any deal on any online pharmacy.  

Are the drugs on website reliable?  Will I get genuine product?

Once you visit our website, you should not worry about genuineness.  Ever product that is there is FDA approved and certified. We take the latest technology in regard that makes us one of the pioneers in the field.  Our approach is modern and we take certain information and process the same so that we can serve you better.  

It is advised that you must consult with your medical health care professional before you place any trust on the medicines that are there on this website.  

How is shipping done?  Is there anything that provides me information about the delivery of my ordered product?

The orders are shipped on Saturday.  Order placed after 01:00 p.m. on Saturday will be dispatched on Monday.  The order is delivered within 2 business days. You can also avail our fastest delivery of overnight shipping.  In overnight shipping, you receive your order in few hours.  

You are able to track your order by visiting www.USPS.com or www.fedex.com.  Which website to choose depends on the mode of shipping.  

You are also able to change your shipping information, but do care to change information until the shipping status is pending.  To make any change in shipping information, you need to send us a mail having your new shipping address. Don’t forget to write “Shipping” in the subject.  

What about packaging?

We make packaging of your ordered product discreet.  We take every regard of privacy and for that, your order is packaged in covered envelope not displaying even a fraction of what is inside.  The information written on the package is online pharmacy.  

How are my privacy and security protected on your website?

In the age of technology, it is the main concern that how we protect the privacy and security of our customers.  Well, you need not worry about your privacy and security. We place your privacy primary and every information shared on or through our website is encrypted.  Our technology makes it impossible for anyone to use any information shared on this website against you or anybody.  

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