Terms and conditions

To use the onlinemedscare website certain rules and guidelines are needed to be followed. One needs to stop using the onlinemedscare website if they do not agree to follow the terms and conditions that are stated below. The following terms are also applied to the terms and conditions. “Us”, “we”, “Ourselves”, “The Company” and “Our” refers to the Company. “Parties”, “Us” or “Party” refers to both the Client and the company.

The rules and regulations are strictly subject to the law of Nation keeping Clients needs and the Company’s services into consideration.


By using the Online Company’s website one needs to accept the use of cookies. Most of the online websites use cookies to pull up the user’s details each time a user visits. Advertising partners may also use cookies.


The licensors and the online company are the owners of the Intellectual property rights of every material of the Company. The rights are reserved and the user may access that personally which are subjected to restrictions that are stated in the terms and conditions.

  • They should not publish content from the online company
  • They should not use the copies of any content or rent and sell them.
  • They should not distribute any materials from the online company.
  • The agreement will start from the date hereof.

There are few parts on the website that can be used to give feedback and discuss Information. The online company does not edit or review the discussions. The online company is not liable for any expenses or damages caused by any feedback. However, if any feedback breaches the terms and conditions then the company has the right to remove it from their website. Promoting other business, discussions that contain offensive or unlawful terms, copyright infringement might lead to deletion of comments by the online company.

Hyperlinking the Website Contents

Some organisations like Search engines, online directory, Government organisations and new organisations can link to the website without any approval as long as they do not deceive or falsely endorse sponsorship or advertise products of any third party.


One cannot create frames around the website that can change the look of the webpage without any permission.

Content Liability:

The Company is not liable for any material posted on the Client’s website that violates any third party rights. The agreement states and protects the company against any claims on the client’s website.


The privacy policies are to be read thoroughly.

Reservation of Rights:

The company has full rights to request for deletion of any links to their website immediately. The company also has the right to change the terms and conditions related to the policy of linking and the user is bound to follow such linking rules.

Removal of Links from Webpage:

The company considers the requests of deletion of any offensive links even though the company is not bound to respond directly. The company does not assure or promise any content of their website to be fully accurate or updated.

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